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Ruqaya, with all of her teachings, has a harmonious ability in public speaking. Her versatile and balletic choice in words allows for listeners to grasp the very intricacy of the topic she brings forth. It is one of the reasons her teachings are so desired, and rewarding. She has a bold yet peaceful composure that only allows for considerate understanding and absorption. 


The Purposeful Mindset with Sadiq Hussain, EmotionAL Support with Alessandra Torresani, Vibekeeper by Tait Alexander, The Awakened Heart with Nancy Walters, and The Nafeesa Dangor Show are only some of the fruitful podcasts she has spoken on, giving her rooted insight to listeners all over the world. She has guided episodes with engaging themes such as seeking your inner power, life lessons, visualisation, and more weighty topics like overcoming sexual harassment trauma. 


Amongst recorded sessions, Ruqaya also speaks publicly, whether in person, or online, at conferences, festivals, and various other gatherings. The Oneness Festival, an online festival of conscious self-development, was one of the recent events she attended as a speaker as well as a workshop leader. This festival aims to help people play their part in the global awakening of humanity - this is something that runs through the veins of Ruqaya’s set intentions. Ruqaya offered her acclaimed Alpha State Training at the Emergence Festival to a community of powerful seekers around the planet, learning to build the life of their dreams. 


There's no topic too wide for Ruqaya’s blossoming contribution and she will undoubtedly bring a unique and precious offering wherever the universe’s calling takes her. 


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